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If you have a passion for service, you will most likely already understand this. If a hotel aspires to an extraordinarily high standard of service, chances are the guests will also have very high expectations so, perhaps, the new ‘7 Stars of Service’  will help you develop these new service standards.


7 Star Service is a discipline much like ‘Omotenashi’ is in Japan. It is essential that as a service-oriented individual you understand as much as possible about the guest and how you can develop a rapport with that guest to fulfil their expectations, and go beyond their imaginations! As a 7 Star Service ‘star’ you will need no instructions from your guest as you will rely on your own heart and conscience to develop an action based on your instinct. Sounds complicated?


The English word ‘hospitality’ is similar to ‘omotenashi’, in that it means to make another person happy in your presence or environment. It is a relationship between the giver and the receiver, an unspoken offer of a service without expecting to receive something in return.


As a result of my background, training and philosophy, I, first, developed this idea further through my book ‘Achieving Excellence in Guest Service’ (2000) but it was some years before I learned that my thoughts ran parallel with Omotenashi.